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Bloody hell i feel so ~middle aged~ right now, sat in front of the tv watching a random show, and drinking a glass of red wine, need to relax for a while before i properly start uni in a few days eeek!!! lol


Student finance

 One word tbh, BLAH, its just frustrating having to wait for things to be updated on the website, and wait around for letters and welcome packs  :( :(

:D ~just chillin

 Woop!, finally a day when i don't have to run around doing things for everyone :D proper chuffed, maybe now
i can finally get around to watching series 4 of screenwipe (which i have been trying to do for the past 3 days!)

Don't really have much more to post other than i'm just sat around watching Titanic on channel 5, and just ~surfin the net~ 
LOL i sound so sad.

Starting to get super nervous now, uni's gonna start in about 3 weeks, bloody hell didn't  think i'd be looking forward to
it this much! lol.
Not been doing much with my final days of "summer", did go to see funny people tho! 6/10  i'm afraid, it dragged on waaaaay too long 
for my liking, should have gone to see Final destination 4 instead, oh well there's always another few films  :D lol
apart from that, all i've done the past few days is 
A) repeatedly listen to my ipod (as usual)
B) watch random shows on 4od
c) potter 'round the house randomly cleaning things

:( feel like a right boring sod 

Sucky entry #1 OF 998874368 LOL

Jeeezzz, although summers practically over and me being me, have just sat around like a sloth all the time, i still never managed to
update my LJ, and LOL at this being my first entry, i can be such a techno-tard in the summer, i lose all knowledge of everything that i've
learned because my brain just melts,  oh and because of me watching doctor who and torchwood repeats all day 0_0.

And to add to my geekdom status, when i do drag myself away from my tv, MJ has been on constant repeat on my ipod, (can't beat a bit of the Bad album in the morning :D) and occasionally weeping to man in the mirror :'( 
along with this, add watching moonwalker, reading tribute magazines, and maybeee venturing into the real world to socialise into the mix
thats all that the past couple of monhs have added up to, i lead a saaaaaad saaaaaad life sometimes, oh well :D:D 



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