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12 August 1991
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Hey, my names Lottie and im from the uk, addicted 2 my ipod nano :P, love watching random comedy dvds all night and staying up late, talking to my mates, just generally having fun :D over the past few months i have had quite the penchant for listening to Michael Jackson music over and over although i have been a fan for a good few years, Can be a sucker for a cheesy film e.g Twilight (i know not rly cinematic masterpiece) and Disaster movie included :p.
I do tend to have bouts of insomnia so just about all of the night i an be found either a) glued religiously to the tv watching BBC3 or b) randomly trailing through youtube.

P.s I'm not fab at writing bio's or about me's so this may be a total bag o'crap,dont judge!
90210 (i know right?), cheesy pop music :p, lady gaga, listening to mj :dd:, scrubs, star trek movie :), the harry potter films, twilight series(ish), walking when stressed